July 2022: Ovary, germ cell tumours / Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

Journal Club was held virtually this month on July 20 at 10 PM EDT via Zoom and moderated by Dr. Karen Talia (Australia). The presenters and articles were:

Annjaleen Hansa (Australia) presenting: Murphy KM et al. Rare Complete Hydatidiform Mole With p57 Expression in Villous Mesenchyme: Case Report and Review of Discordant p57 Expression in Hydatidiform Moles. Int J Gynecol Pathol 2022;41:45-50. PMID: 33900230.

Jayati Datta (India) presenting: Warnnissorn M et al. Dysgerminoma of the Ovary: An Analysis of 140 Cases Emphasizing Unusual Microscopic Findings and Resultant Diagnostic Problems. Am J Surg Pathol 2021;45:1009-1027. PMID: 33577182.

Luke Beaumont (Australia) presenting: Murdock TA et al. Bizarre Chorionic-type Trophoblast in Second-trimester and Third-trimester Placentas. Am J Surg Pathol 2022;46: 258-267. PMID: 34799484.


July 2021:

Journal Club was held virtually this month on July 21 at 12 noon EDT via Zoom. The presenters and articles were:


Here are the answers to the polling questions:

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